Chinese Canadian Stories web portal launched


The “Chinese Canadian Stories: Uncommon Histories from a Common Past” web portal is a collaborative, nation-wide, multi-disciplinary project that involves university and community partners. Come see the CHRP portal here !

Click on the links below to see some highlights:

Gold Mountain Quest Game 金山尋蹤遊戲

Chinese Head Tax Database 人頭稅登記冊電子數據庫

Stanford University Collaboration 史丹福大學合作項目


For Teachers 

The Chinese Canadian Stories Project aims to make widely accessible learning materials created by teachers for teachers, along with a range of digital resources that use the latest technology and that capture the energy, passion, and curiosity of students of all ages.


For Researchers 

The Chinese Canadian Stories Portal has a number of tools for researchers, whether for scholarly research using online archival databases rich in digitized materials such as photos and documents, or for individuals conducting family and genealogical research. Visit the Chung Collection at UBC or search our online Head Tax database.

About Chinese Canadian Stories


For more than 200 years, migrants of Chinese heritage have traveled to Canada to live, to work, and to raise their families. They have come at different times and from different places in China and throughout the world. Many have called a variety of places home before coming to Canada, but once here, they formed vibrant communities that have significantly shaped Canadian society. "Chinese Canadian Stories" is a path-breaking project gathering the work of universities and community groups from across Canada. Our vision is to give Canadians--young and old--the tools to discover and make their own history, using the latest advances in digital technology to access, recover, and record our neglected past.


One part of this site allows you to explore the stories of Chinese Canadians. There is also a fun video game called Gold Mountain for children 6-12 that immerses them in the world of Chinese Canadians over a century ago. Other parts of the site are for teachers and students for classroom use. Scholars and family researchers can use our searchable databases to access digital collections with over 20,000 photos, videos, newspapers, and historical documents. You can also search for Chinese Canadian ancestors who came to Canada before 1949 at our Head Tax Register database containing almost 97,000 entries.


If you are interested in recording and preserving your own family's story, we can offer useful tips and give you a way to make your story a part of our nation's common past. By digitally archiving your photographs, videos, and stories through our site's community archive tool, you can help reshape Canada's history. Until now, there has never been a one-stop web portal dedicated to collecting, digital archiving, accessing and distributing information about Chinese Canadian history. Come explore Chinese Canadian stories. Come join us in making history.



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