Orienting Canada: Race, Empire and the Transpacific

John Price
Publisher / Publication: 
UBC Press
Publication Date: 
May 2011
Cover Orienting Canada.jpg

Colony to nation? Isolationism to internationalism? WASP society to a multicultural Canada?  Focusing on imperial conflicts in the Pacific, Orienting Canada disrupts these familiar narratives in Canadian history by tracing the intimate relationship between racism and Canadian foreign policy. Grounded in transnationalism and anti-racist theory, this study uses extensive archival evidence and survivors’ stories to reassess critical transpacific incidents, from the 1907 race riots to Canada’s early intervention in Vietnam. Shocking revelations about the effects of racism and war into the 1960s are tempered by stories of community resilience and transformation. A transpacific lens on the past, Orienting Canada deflects Canada’s European gaze back onto itself--the images that result are both challenging and illuminating.

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