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Brian Smallshaw
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Thought you all might be interested in this email, from Brian Moseley in England, regarding the fate of the 'sister' Chinese bell in England.





date Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 2:12 AM
subject Re: Chinese bell at Admiralty House, Devonport
Hi Brian
I am making some progress.  Apparently what I knew as the Dockyard Museum became the Naval Base Museum.  This has now closed down because the Ministry of Defence wants to sell the Listed Buildings it occupied as part of our economic retrenchment.  The Museum has been given notice to quit and the future of the collection is now in doubt.  The Maritime Heritage Officer at the City of Plymouth Museum tells me that they are hoping to keep the collection in Plymouth but that is by no means a certainty.
He is putting me in touch with the Curator, who is still in post, and it is hoped that I can arrange a private visit to have a closer look at the bell.
With your permission I should like to copy your email messages to him as this may help in his efforts to persuade our City Council that some effort should be made to do something positive with this historic collection instead of hope that the problem will go away.
Best wishes

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